Safe Sitter Class

Founded in 1980, Safe Sitter® is the only national nonprofit training program exclusively devoted to preparing young teens to be safe in unsupervised settings, whether home alone, sibling sitting or babysitting.

The Safe Sitter® babysitting curriculum is designed exclusively for young teens in grades 6 – 8, and covers the following areas: safety skills, childcare skills, first aid & rescue skills and life & business skills. Safe Sitter® babysitting courses are instructor-led and interactive, with hands-on demonstrations and skills practice using soft-bodied dolls and medical manikins. Price to attend is $60. To register, click here.

Welcome/Introduction (15 minutes)
Safety Skills (30 minutes)
Break (5 minutes)
Child Care Skills (60 minutes)
Lunch (30 minutes)
First Aid & Rescue Skills (100 minutes)
Break (5 minutes)
Life & Business Skills (45 minutes)
Challenge Accepted (25 minutes)
CPR (60 minutes)
Graduation Ceremony (15 minutes)

Total Time: 6 ½ hours