Food Protection

The Environmental Health staff is responsible for monitoring compliance in food establishments, taverns, and school cafeterias. Also, food warehouses and food processors are monitored. The staff conducts inspections of these facilities as often as three times per year. To view inspection reports for each food establishment in our jurisdiction, please see the Inspection Reports website.

In addition to conducting routine surveillance, the staff responds to consumer complaints and emergencies where the food supply is compromised, such as fires, truck accidents, and floods. Damaged food not fit for human consumption is destroyed. Also, the Environmental Health staff teams with the Nursing staff to conduct investigations when a food-borne illness is suspected. When the source of the outbreak is determined, preventive measures are implemented to stop future outbreaks from occurring.

Basic Food Handler Classes (In-person)

In-person Basic Food Handler classes are offered on a routine basis to interested parties. Food establishments are required to have one Certified Food Handler for every five persons on duty at all times that potentially hazardous food is being prepared or served. Classes occur the third Tuesday of each month at our office. Call 816.858.2412 for class information and upcoming dates. Cost of the class is $20.

Basic Food Handler Classes (Online)

Online food safety classes are available through this website at  Platte County Online Food Handler's Class.

® Food Protection Manager Course

PCHD offers the ServSafe
® Food Protection Manager Certification Program.  The program provides food safety training, exams and educational materials to Food Service Managers. Students can earn the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

The program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by food service industry experts.

The cost of the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Course is $105 per attendee. Call 816.858.2412 for class information and registration.

Alcohol Responsibility Training for Servers and Bartenders

Access the State of Missouri's Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART) for Servers and Bartenders.

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