Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Public health is focused on preventing public health emergencies.  Sometimes natural and man-made disasters occur despite our best efforts.  Platte County Health Department, in collaboration with many partner organizations both public and private, stands ready to respond to public health emergencies and to assist with recovery after the event.

Everyday we prepare for threats such as:

  • The increasing threat of Avian (bird) Flu to human populations,

  • Acts of terrorism involving Anthrax, Smallpox, or other biological agents,

  • Recent domestic and international outbreaks like SARS,

  • The possibility of Pandemic Flu, and

  • Other natural or man-made situations that might lead to a public health emergency.

The Division of Emergency Response and Epidemiology at the Platte County Health Department is dedicated to planning for the above situations. Activities such as comprehensive planning, hands-on training, and practical simulations help ensure all Platte County public health workers are knowledgeable and prepared to face any public health emergency. These activities are in support of overall Homeland Security initiatives proposed by various emergency responders throughout the Greater Kansas City area.

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Responding to public health emergencies is a significant challenge. The Platte County Health Department has committed to plan and prepare for all types of emergencies; however, we cannot adequately respond by ourselves. We need talented individuals who will volunteer their time and energies during emergencies, in cooperation with the Medical Reserve Corps of Kansas City.

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Healthcare Ready has developed a list of resources useful for the public in preparing for and recovering from an emergency.