Sewage Program

The Environmental Health staff evaluates proposed subdivisions to determine if onsite wastewater treatment systems are feasible. This cooperative effort between the Platte County Health Department and the Platte County Planning and Zoning Department eliminates many potential health problems associated with the improper disposal of human waste.

Before an onsite wastewater treatment system is installed in unincorporated Platte County, the homeowner is responsible for obtaining a permit from the Health Department. The Environmental Health staff issues permits and permit exemptions, inspects new, repaired, and existing systems, and investigates sewage complaints. Follow the instructions below to apply for a permit or permit exemption, to request an inspection, or to lodge a complaint.

Permits for New Systems or Repairs

Online Septic Permit Application

To apply in person or by U.S. Mail
: Fill out this Sewage Permit Application, then 'Save' to your computer. Print the completed application, which the property owner must sign. Deliver or mail the signed application, soil morphology report, site layout illustration and permit fee to Platte County Health Department, 7925 NW 110th Street, Kansas City, MO 64153.

Permit ONLY for tank installation application.

Permit Exemptions
The Environmental Health staff considers permit exemptions when a room addition (other than bedrooms) is proposed or when outbuildings, swimming pools, etc. are proposed. For an application for permit exemption, fill out the following form.

Permit Extensions
If an extension is needed, fill out this form

Sewage Complaints
The Environmental Health staff responds to complaints and provides expertise in finding solutions to eliminate sewage problems. The staff works with the Platte County Prosecuting Attorney's Office if it becomes necessary to prosecute violators of environmental health laws and ordinances.

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