Community Readiness Challenge

Ready in 3 logo The Platte County Health Department's top priority is the health and well-being of every Platte County citizen. To ensure citizens are ready for all types of emergencies, the Platte County Health Department has initiated the Community Readiness Challenge.

Based off of the basic principles of Ready-in-3, the Community Readiness Challenge asks citizens the question "ARE YOU READY?". The Community Readiness Challenge is a learning experience that teaches citizens about preparing an all hazards emergency kit and basic emergency information.

To find out more about having the Health Department present the Community Readiness Challenge to your group or organization, please call the Parkville office at (816) 587-5998 x 333.

The Platte County Health Department wants to thank the more than 850 individuals and businesses in Platte County and Greater Kansas City who have taken the Community Readiness Challenge and are more prepared for emergencies like bioterrorism or pandemic flu.