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The Platte County Health Department offers a comprehensive child and adult immunization program. More information is provided below:




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Child Immunizations

To guard your child’s health, the Platte County Health Department offers a comprehensive immunization program.  Immunization Record Required at each visit.

Vaccines available for children:
  •     Routine childhood immunizations
  •     Prevnar
  •     Hepatitis A
  •     Meningococcal
  •     Flu shots

We are now offering Meningococcal Vaccine (MenB) to children and adults who meet the recommended CDC guidelines.  See for more information.  Please call 816-587-5998 to reserve your dose.

Platte County Health Department will continue to offer FREE immunizations for the following:
  •     Uninsured children and adolescents
  •     Children and adolescents who have Medicaid Plans
  •     Native Alaskan children and adolescents
  •     American Indian children and adolescents

Others, including those with private insurance, will need to receive their immunizations from their physician or other provider, effective October 1, 2012.

Adult Immunizations

Adult and International Travel Vaccinations available:
  •     Flu shots
  •     Hepatitis A
  •     Hepatitis B
  •     HPV (please call to reserve your dose of HPV vaccine)
  •     MMR (Pregnancy test may be required at additional cost of $8)
  •     Meningococcal-Please call to reserve your dose of MenB
  •    A doctor's order is required for travelers older than 55 years who are needing a Meningococcal vaccine
  •     Pneumococcal
  •     Shingles -- Now available for those 50 years & over!
  •     Tetanus & Diphtheria
  •     Typhoid*
  •     Varicella (Pregnancy test may be required at additional cost of $8)
  •     Yellow Fever*-Now available in limited supply
  •     Anyone 60 years or over must provide a Doctor's Order to receive Yellow Fever Vaccination


*These travel vaccines are available at the Parkville office only. Please call ahead about all travel vaccinations so that we can order the appropriate vaccines before you visit our clinics. Also, visit CDC's website to find out exactly which vaccinations are needed for your trip.


Check out this Immunization website tailored to parents, schools, childcare facilities, healthcare professionals, and other consumers!

      Clinic Hours

      Parkville Hours:

      Monday - Friday
      8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

      Contact number:
      (816) 587-5998


      Platte City location no longer offers Walk In Clinic Services


      Consent to Immunize

      Delegation of Authority to Consent to Immunizations (a parent may give written authority to another adult (18 years and older) to consent to immunize their child in the parent’s absence).

      Please fax the completed form or deliver to the clinic prior to the child getting immunizations.


      Fax: 816-587-6028

      Attn: Immunizations


      Consent to Immunize


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